During summer ’81 I met Irene Visintin and Elvira Visintin Wunderlich in Amblar (Trento) arriving from Telluride (Colorado-USA) to visit their Visintin relatives: Lina , Livio and my mother Livia .

The father Emanuele Visintin had migrated to US in the spring of 1900 , and married Ermida Franch from Cloz migrated in 1909 .

After visiting the Amblar Cemetery , the “cousins” asked me to consult the archives of Amblar and Romeno’s Parochial Churches , to find their ascendants . Their parents had handed down many memories on people who had lived in the old towns thus I felt their great interest in knowing more about their ancestors , which partially were also mine .

Thanks to the help and support of Father Luigi Pezzi I approached for the first time the Canonical Archive of Saint Mary of Assumption Parish Church of Romeno and I glanced through such old registers . I was pleasantly surprised and much interested to see the 1960-:-1964 painstakingly drawn-up summaries of Father Anselmo Panizza . He made simple the complex task of classifying surname and relevant nicknames of all families with individual genealogical Family Tree .

I spontaneously thought that such a marvelous work needed to be continued from 1964 on . I started working on it and became impassioned to the point that such surveys turned out to be a real full-time activity . I realized that Father Anselmo’s registers did not contemplate families generated by people migrated to other Italian or foreign cities , mostly to the US , therefore I looked worldwide for Romeno-originated families abroad . This work turned out to be a most fascinated survey , rich of surprises . I felt deeply gratified and touched whenever I contacted grandsons and grand-grandsons living in US or Argentina stirring up great emotions . I found interesting people with whom I became friend . Many have decided to visit the birthplace of their forefathers , looking for their closest relationships , find out today’s way of living in the old towns and I volunteered to tour them around , with pleasure .

This site offers my surveys to whoever is interested . The survey on Graiff is the most abundant and exhaustive . The survey explores other family names as well , thanks to the help of many people . I trust to be able to succeed completing my work since the genealogical survey aims at discovering personal origins and relationships and it is a kind of innocuous but contagious virus .

Giancarlo Graiff