“Memoirs”  are  memento cards printed  at time of departure of a relative . Cards depict a picture of the relative , its registrar’s office data , a concise poetical reference to its life , departure and loved people . Cards are widely distributed during the funeral ceremony  to friends , acquaintances , whoever knew that  person.  This custom is a normal habit in the Trentino-Alto Adige Region  as well as in many other Regions of Italy . It is also done in USA and in Argentina .


Memoirs are also important  to professional genealogical researchers . In some cases , aside from birth and death dates other useful information can be found such as the name of the consort and sons. The Card is a small dowel of a genealogical tree.  Right now I have archived more than 1.500 Memoirs , half of them original and half copies .  This collection has been made possible thanks to the contribution of personal archives from various people to whom I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude.

This part is still undergoing a non stop evolution .  Any voluntary contribution with original or copied Memoirs is welcomed .

Memoirs so far collected thanks to :

Bott Marisa, Calliari Maria Grazia, Calliari Mario, Calliari Orietta, Carossa Luciano, Covi Diego, Dalbetto Aldo, De Romedis Anna Maria, Endrighi Silavno, Fattor Giacomo, Fattor Giuliano, Fattor Iole, Fattor Irene, Fattor Lucilla, Fattor Mario (Mariuccio), Fattor Renzo, Fattor Sergio, Francisci Bruno, Francisci Ezio, Francisci Irma, Giuliani Anna, Graiff Antonio Rosario, Graiff Flora, Graiff Kandidus, Graiff Luigi, Graiff Mario, Graiff Rina, Graiff Valeria, Keller Alexandra, Lorenzetti Claudio, Paganini Bruna, Paoletto Pierino, Rosati Dolores, Rosati Gabriela, Rosati Irma, Sarcletti Adriana, Scurati Adriana, Seber Daria, Seppi Lorenzo, Tell Gianna, Tell Isidoro, Zani Maria, Zucal Camilla, Zucal Gemma, Zucal Irma, Zucal Noemi, Zucal Onorio.